Make Money from Create Backlinks and Sponsored Posts

When you start writing a blog post on your own blog or you have done any other type of online writing, it is better to create a backlinks to the work you have done. What is a backlink? Actually, a backlink is created through a link from one website to your own web page. Similarly, if you have a blog and you want to generate more revenue you can add sponsored blog posting. What is sponsored blog posting? A blog of webmaster has a similar blog associated with your own blog will pay you for creating the backlinks for short post to the different blog. How will you make money from Backlinks and Sponsored posts? For the backlinks that you have created can earn money from it if you have linked your blog posts and articles on the other sites. You can also earn money if you are having a Google AdSense Publisher I.D with this you can add Google Ads on your own blog. For earning money from the sponsored blog post is done on the basis of how popular your blog is or how well established your blog is. The popularity and good reputation of the blog post depends on a few factors that are as follows.

Make Money from Create Backlinks and Sponsored Posts

How to Get payment for Backlinks and Sponsored Posts

  • What is your blog ranking  according to page rank
  • What is the number of unique visitors that are visiting your blog
  • What is the number of page views, backlinks and so on

The established blog has the greatest opportunity to make money from own blog and you will have the increased demand of the people who want to pay you for the backlinks of your sponsored posts. The main reason is that through the sponsored blog posts there is a chance of increasing traffic from the associated websites in the market and this all process is done by the buyer with this you can gain good backlinks as of high page rank websites. For a new blog this is not an ideal situation because the new blog is not established and you are unable to give any worth to the buyer. The ideal blogs are those blogs that have 4-page rank, they must have more than 500 unique visitors for their blogs every day, and the blog must have established status so that the search engines for keywords must be associated with the accurate topics for such ideal blogs. In which you will be able to have the best number of sponsored blog posts that are of $15 to $50.

By creating backlinks from Hubpages to Earn Money

If you are a hub writer and want to remain a writer on Hubpages and have good reputation on it, you can associate a backlinks from your Hubpages to blog posts of your own and can make money from the hubs during the process. There is a good reputation of the Hubpages on according to the context of Google. You can even get a proportion of the AdSense revenue by splitting the share with the HubPages.

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